Vivo Y72 5g Handset – An In Depth Look At This Brilliant Smart Phone

Vivo has launched its latest smartphone in India today, 15 July. Its key features and pricing imply that it will easily compete with existing brands such as Nokia, HTC and Samsung. However, just like any smartphone, it is also priced to suit an individual’s needs. The Indian version of Vivo Y72 5G differs from its Thai counterpart, which was launched in March last year. While the Thai version is powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 700SSoC, the Indian version is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon480 SoC.

The physical layout of the Vivo Y72 5G borrows heavily from that of HTC Evo Shift. For instance, the power key on the handset is located on the bottom right hand corner of the phone. This means that users will not need to press and hold down any buttons to operate the phone. The notification panel has been reduced to a minimum but still offers a decent amount of viewing space for users.

Apart from this, the Vivo Y 72 also features a unique single lens camera. The handset comes with a memory card which supports media players such as Mp3, Speex, Sonos and iTunes. A slot for data storage is also present in the external memory card. There is a dual flash unit which enables users to enjoy faster photo loading. The funtouch interface uses smooth touch buttons which make it easy for users to perform all functions.

For those who are interested in taking excellent vivo y72 5g images, there are various modes available in the Vivo Y 72 series. The single lens camera is equipped with an auto-focus system and fast charging 18W power supply. The single lens camera also has a manual focus option. This is apart from the standard image capturing modes which are supported by the android devices running the on-demand or the pro version of the android operating system.

There is no doubt that the Vivo Y 72 comes with a lot of features which make it stand out among the other mobiles. For example, it comes with a microSD slot which supports card expansion up to 2GB. Users can also opt for a large memory card in the event that they do not have the memory capacity to download large files. The large memory card also enables users to capture high quality videos and images.

The second highlight of the video y 72 series is the fact that it comes with a single 16GB microSD slot. This is one of the best attributes that the device comes with. Therefore, users do not have to constantly go in search of additional storage space. The microSD slot also supports MMC and CFast technology which are great options when it comes to storing data. The vivid colors which are present on the video y 72 5g are one of the reasons why this handset is loved so much by teenagers.

With a little over two months of usage, users have already experienced the high quality picture and video recording which they get with the video y 72 series. Users also reported that they are able to enjoy long hours of talk time without any battery churning issues. It also offers fast charging support and a neat dual SIM tray which allow easy access of the SIM cards. In the event that the charger does not work, users are entitled to get an additional one from the Samsung store. There is also a free data card with the purchase of this handset which further boosts the appeal of this phone.

The main highlight of this handset is the fact that it offers a unique selling point. It has a unique design which is different compared to all other mobiles in the market. The curved design which comes with a metallic frame looks absolutely great. The connectivity options with the phone are quite impressive with the Vivo Y 72s compatible with many popular international GSM networks like Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and the three UK carrier Three Mobile. Users were not left impressed with the high quality audio and video, which they could record using the rear camera. Users who use the video y 72s can also expect to enjoy free messaging as well as free internet services.

The built in video recorder enables users to capture beautiful moments with their loved ones. The vivid colors of this phone make it very appealing to the eyes. The memory card of this handset offers the support for plenty of data, which allows the user to transfer pictures, videos and sound clips easily. The android system supports multi-tasking, which further enhances its functionality. The connectivity options with the Vivo y72 series are quite impressive, which include the ultra high speed cellular network. Users can easily upload and download various files such as songs, images, text and many more which can be done using a compatible Wi-Fi connection.

This handset comes with a nice and large touch sensitive screen which makes it even more attractive. The handset is available with a decent amount of memory, which stores the user’s data efficiently. The memory of this ultra game mode is expandable, which further ensures better usability. The camera of the vivo y72 series has an impressive resolution of 13 megapixels, which ensures excellent clarity even during the low light modes of photography.

The built-in memory of the video y 72 series is expandable and it can store lots of data. This handset comes with an innovative dual-tone scanning system which allows users to easily identify the text in black and white or in color. The built-in camera also offers decent sound quality. The battery life of this device is pretty long and it can support continuous usage. The battery of this handset runs on a standard six to seven hours of power and the brightness of the screen is quite bright.