Major Topics That Will Be On The 300-101 Exam

The 300-101 exam is an extensive exam designed to test your ability to properly configure small business networks  300-101 dumps. After you pass your 300-101 exam, you will receive the certification you want not only so that they know you can do certain tasks, but also because it makes the company more valuable to have employees. It was Cisco certified.

The following list of topics are some of the main subjects that you will learn when you study for your test.

The OSI model – this will issue your foundation where the rest of the topic you will learn will depend on. With a clear understanding of the OSI model, you will easily understand how the network really works. The OSI model is designed to enable uniformity between network equipment vendors. In this way a device made of various companies will still be able to talk to each other because they follow certain standards.

IP address – is a key component for the network. Without the computer IP address it won’t know where to send information to another computer. They can be considered as home addresses such as post systems  300-101 pdf. Each house must have a home number and street name located on. Without this Mail Man will never know how to get a letter to your home. The IP address also has two parts. They have network parts and host parts. Different parts are determined by the subnet mask.

Subletting – While you need to have a clear foundation of all topics on the 300-101 exam, subletting may be the most important topic on the 300-101 exam, just because it appears in almost every question and you have to answer the simulation question about it. Make sure you spend a lot of time learning how subnets  300-101 practice tests. Don’t just read about how to do it, but practice doing it yourself repeatedly.

Wireless – this topic is not familiar with the previous Cisco exam. One reason why they decided to break the Cisco examination was that they added some new and wireless topics were one of them.