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Everyone has a piece of furniture that they are especially attached to. It could be a creaky bed that you’ve had since you were a teenager, a lazy-boy chair that reminds you of some great football games, or a dining room table where your family enjoyed great meals. After all, the furniture in our homes is the stuff we’ve lived and breathed with on an everyday basis.

We all know the feeling when it’s time to get rid of that junk removal sacramento old furniture: it’s like trying to part with a loved one. We’ve had so many great times with that item that getting rid of it and replacing it with a new piece of furniture seems like the ultimate betrayal. We ask ourselves “who am I to decide that fate of this plaid reclining chair? Why should I abandon it (or him/her depending on how attached you are) when we’ve been through so many great times together?”

But soon we realize that the dreaded time has truly arrived. We know it when guests come over the house and give discreet, but disapproving looks at the ripped-up couch in the corner of the living room, or let out a little annoyed cough when the bow-legged antique chair buckles under their weight. Eventually we have the discussion among family, friends or roommates about what to do with that old piece of furniture. It’s a tough conversation, something akin to the decision to put an elderly person into an ‘old age home.’

When the decision is finally made we need to go through the motions of actually removing the furniture in question (and it never goes smoothly). If you try to get rid of that old furniture yourself you’ll quickly realize that the builders of old didn’t make things like they did today. While your new Ikea desk might be fairly lightweight, old pieces of furniture are often incredibly heavy and clunky. Trying to get that lazy boy recliner, old boxy TV set, or ping pong table down the stairs, around the corners, out the door and into the car can be quite a task. Not only can you scratch up your home on the way out, you’ll most likely need to woefully break apart your beloved furniture to then jam the pieces into your vehicle.

Your best bet is to hire the pros – a service that has experience hauling out those big clunky items. Not only will these professional ensure that your house is left in one piece, they also have large trucks to easily haul away your old stuff. Best of all, they’ll also make sure that your treasured possession ends up in the right place – the proper recycling facility where the parts can be broken down and then reused for someone else in the future. No matter how hard it was to part with your furniture, you’ll rest well knowing that somewhere somebody could be sitting down after a long day into (what used to be) your old rocking chair.