7 Exciting Indoor Activities In The UAE To Avoid The Heat

The summer climate can be very difficult if you’re not accustomed to heat in the desert country of the United Arab Emirates. It does not, however, prevent you from visiting the UAE since certain things can still be done indoors. Many tourists normally stay in Dubai when they visit the UAE and maybe fly to Abu Dhabi for a day or two. See some Port De La Mer apartments for sale, if you are looking to settle here permanently.  Down below is a list of top indoor spots where you can enjoy your day.

  1. The Green Planet

It doesn’t mean that you would lose the beauty of nature only because you are indoors! The Green Planet is situated near City Walk and is a brilliant indoor rainforest regarded as an architectural and engineering marvel.

You will feel the breathtaking beauty of nature in the very middle of this desert city, home to more than 3,000 plants and animals. Divided into four tiers, you will discover the various flora and fauna varieties that grow in this ecological area.

  1. Hub Zero

Hub Zero is also situated at City Walk and home to several realms of engaging and immersive augmented reality that, unlike anyone else, can give you an action-packed adventure. Whether you’re new to VR or a gaming lover, Hub Zero is something you shouldn’t miss.

Starting with an immersive dark trip in Resident Evil, going to strike the opponents with a VR shooting game, embarking on a 3D adventure, etc. This indoor technology park is very thrilling.

  1. Ski Dubai

Will you believe us if we said you might enjoy a magical winter right in the midst of summer when the scorching sun is really getting to you? Ski Dubai is situated in the Mall of Emirates, the world’s biggest indoor snow park, the answer to our question.

Spend a snowy winter day with sports like bobsledding, tobogganing, and more in the middle of the desert. Also, a penguin exhibition is out there that’s almost too adorable to believe. You don’t even have to think about proper packing or dressing because all the required winter garb is included with your ticket and you’ll get to retain the gloves and socks!

  1. Reel Cinemas

Whilst going to the movies may look very ordinary or dull on holiday, it is a totally different experience in Reel Cinemas at the Dubai Mall! Choose the ScreenX theatre for a cinematic journey that makes you turn your head.

The ScreenX is the first screen in the UAE to feature 270 degrees in a 170-seater cinema. It definitely varies from your usual cinema day if you watch the films which have been specially adapted to suit a screen. Choose a back seat for the best experience!

  1. NoWayOut Escape Room

Let the brain juices flowing at the NoWayOut Escape Room in the HDS Business Center for the adventure-seeking investigators out there. You can also pick horrors and thrillers like the Ring and Psychopath for a leap ahead – think of a haunted house as a place of escape!

They also have fantasy and mystery escape rooms, such as Da Vinci and School of Magic, if you’re not a fan of horror.

  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure reigns supreme when it comes to indoor Dubai sports! It’s the first indoor amusement park in the world, stretching over 1.5 million square feet and 4 themed areas. Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, and The Lost Valley included themes are there in the four separate ‘Epic Zones’.

Jump on the roller coasters from the numerous theme areas, prepare yourself for jump scares at the iconic haunted hotel in the theme park, and dine for a break at the theme restaurants. With too much to do and incorporate into a day, the IMG Worlds of Adventure Express Pass helps you to miss the queues.

  1. Tee & Putt Mini Golf

You’ve come to the right spot at Tee & Putt Mini Golf in WAFI Mall if you want to put your mini-golf skills into action! It’s definitely a welcoming twist from the normal course you’re used to, with a miniature golf course set in the darkness and highlighted by neon backlighting.

Each of the 18 glow-in-the-dark holes is unique, and miniature players of all ages and abilities must find it tough but enjoyable to play.

Dubai provides thousands of other activities to enjoy, even in the scorching heat. If you are planning to move to Dubai permanently, check out from the District One Villas for sale in Dubai to enjoy the best living experience, if you have a big family, or if you are here for a short stay, try to reside in cheap hotels and spend the money on doing extra activities.